Word of The Day

James 2:25

“In the same way, was Rahab the prostitute not justified by works too, when she received the [Hebrew] spies as guests and protected them, and sent them away [to escape] by a different route?”

‭‭In the book of James, he is so passionate to explain - when one does not put action to their faith, that it’s like a body without a spirit.

Faith requires action.

Rahab made a decision to believe in a God she didn’t know and couldn’t see. She believed in a God she feared, giving her a healthy fear of God. One solitary action changed her whole destiny.  It saved her and her entire household. 

It’s good to take an action of faith. It will change your whole destiny.

Couple your faith with action. Put action to your faith; it will bless you. Do it - it works.