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We are The Rocks, building a church in every town, every city and every country all around the world. We are crazy, we are loud, and we love Jesus. Join us!


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The much-awaited albums 17 to 21, Gracias 17, and Dueño 17 are out now! You've been waiting patiently and we've heard you; All your favorite tracks are here for your listening pleasure. 17 to 21 wraps up the "17 series" in a finale you can't possibly be prepared for, while Gracias 17 and Dueño 17 are the latest collection of our wild Latin hits! Sit down, mentally prepare yourself and listen now!!



Genesis of all life. Dynamic. Fulfilling. Life shaking. The beginning and the end. 

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A global vision, a supernatural call. Our vision is clear: a Rock church in every town, every city, and every country all around the world. Through live music, divine teachings, unifying outreach, and a diverse community, we are touching every part of the globe. Join The Movement. We are a multitude, we are a Rock!



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Curious to know about God? Catch our past services in English, Spanish, Chinese, Filipino and more!



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If you're in need of help, prayer, or if you simply need a friend to talk to, call the Help Hotline. We're here for you 24/7 with no wait time.