Word of the Day


“he sent Hadoram his son to King David, to greet him and bless him, because he had fought against Hadadezer and defeated him (for Hadadezer had been at war with Tou); and Hadoram brought with him all kinds of articles of gold, silver, and bronze.”‭‭I Chronicles‬ ‭18:10‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


If we would only follow David's passionate ways, we would experience the victory, peace, friendship of living a life with Christ.  We have a friend in Jesus and no matter what happens in life, God is on your side.  In the scripture, the young man coming with gifts is what God does for us.  He blesses His children and gives us honor.  Let's have the heart of David and be obedient like David so that we can have the complete victory that the world can see.  He will give you honor now in this world and lift you up among men.

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