Word of the Day

Acts 2:22

“Men of Israel, listen to these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a Man accredited and pointed out and attested to you by God with [the power to perform] miracles and wonders and signs which God worked through Him in your [very] midst, just as you yourselves know--”

That’s our Jesus.

In this chapter we read that these are the very men that saw Jesus killed, buried and resurrected. The disciples - speaking of their savior and His works.

God no longer wants us to see small, He wants us to see bigger: our dreams, faith, love, zeal, knowledge and desire for Him.

Let us increase for God and decrease our desire for this earth. Let’s increase in every capacity we can. Don’t put God in a small little box. Pray that He gives us the understanding of how big He truly is.

He’s a faithful, great God.