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The Rock Churches Worldwide will perform this Saturday, October 28th at 7pm in the middle of Time Square for their annual #ROCKAMILLION concert at the iconic red stairs. Featuring original songs from all three of their Top 25 debuting albums in Christian and Gospel music, expect high-energy dance tracks that cross musical genres and break stereotypes. The concert is held in the heart of New York City every year to bring the heart of Jesus Christ to the world’s capital; and this year it is dedicated to those affected in the recent tragedy in Las Vegas.

In an effort to not just mask the pain but heal the wounds, this concert is the culmination of a campaign to bring a prayer of hope and healing to 58 million people in the month of October: one million for every life that was so abruptly cut short in the Las Vegas shooting. This movement, called #ROCKAMILLION, is an answer to a call for peace. More than just promoting tolerance, it is a push towards a global revolution where human compassion is conditioned and kindness is an instinct. It shines a light on the truth that the beauty of America is found its diversity, and the celebration of every person’s unique life is what will advance humanity towards a healed tomorrow.

“With all of the darkness in this world, this concert is a reminder that dreams do come true, promises can be fulfilled, the impossible is going to become possible. In honoring those 58 lives, we choose not only to offer comfort, but also reassurance - that with God on our side, each of us is capable of making this world a better place. That alone is a reason to celebrate! In Times Square, steps away from Broadway, in the city that never sleeps, we will be openly embracing life, sharing love, and shining a light of hope for all the world to see.”

— Pastor Marnie Surillo, Senior Pastor of The Rock Churches Worldwide