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Rocks Worldwide!

We're back! And ready to take the nations by storm!



TRB is now officially changing it's name to Rocks Worldwide! With a global mindset, we're back with a brand new splash of multi-cultural music reaching to every home, every radio station and every phone, all over the world! While you're here, check out our new albums Gracia 17 and 17 to 21. New music is on it's way. Stay tuned!!



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Rocks Worldwide is a group of musicians from every country, coming together with one vision: create epic music with heartfelt lyrics, beats on fire and a vibe that will take over every corner of the world for Jesus. The music is alive and transcends any one genre, with inspiration taken from jazz, rock, hip hop, reggaeton, country and more!

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Catch us every week live online and performing at many Rock locations worldwide!

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