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At The Rock Churches Worldwide we have many opportunities for you to get involved and join our family. We believe in honoring the scripture of Matthew 6:33: As we seek God and His purpose first, all of our desires will be given to us! Over the years we have seen miracles, signs and wonders happen in our churches all over the world after putting God first.

Whether you're new or have been a Rock for years, there is always a new opportunity to serve in ministry. Getting involved opens the doors to new friendships, fulfilling your calling, discovering new giftings and sowing "seeds" that come back as a harvest of blessings!

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getting involved

We have ministries and gatherings happening at any given time, every day, in every country all over the world. At The Rock Churches Worldwide we offer many ways to serve and get involved, no matter your interest or experience. We are a huge, diverse family and any talent or ability is your wonderful, unique way to get involved and be a Rock!

Do you have a passion for children? Join the children's ministry as a teacher. Maybe you have a gifting in administrative work? Join our consolidation and follow up team. Have you ever wanted to travel the world? Sign up for one of our missionary trips as we open churches all over the world. Are you a lawyer or government official? Use your gifting by leading a citizenship class or assisting with the Rock Resource Center.

Do you have a day or morning off? Our churches are open daily and offer opportunities to serve, whether for an hour or all day. Help with cleaning, construction, organization, planning, cooking and so much more. We love being in unity and allowing every member of the body to discover their unique gifts through serving!

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The 12


While Jesus was on earth, He successfully implemented God's vision of building disciples that would then build more disciples; a vision God instated since the creation of the world. Without the twelve disciples going out and creating more disciples, we would not know of the life Jesus lived.

Following in His footsteps, we believe our part, our purpose, and our call is to continue walking like Jesus did, evangelizing, discipling, and multiplying our twelve. The Great Commission says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). This commission has become our commission, a worldwide movement that every Rock is part of. If you've been a Rock for one day or five years, its time to get your 12!



how to...


Get your 12: 

The first step in getting your twelve disciples is to gather people. Go out into your community, school, or workplace and gather the lost, lonely or those searching for God. Start a weekly Bible study with your new friends in a home or a local spot.  Every week you'll share a new lesson and encourage the group to grow, challenging every member to achieve their potential and bring someone new. Continue to evangelize new people during your every day life and invite them to become part of the Rock family!

Build your 12:

As you develop these new friendships through the same love Jesus had, the 12 begins to form through discipling, which is when someone allows themselves to be shaped through the word of God. Looking at the way Jesus lived His life with the twelve disciples, we can replicate that example and apply it to our people. Building a disciple happens when you serve in ministry, build God's Kingdom, and push each other to be great! Your 12 is so much more than a formal leader-disciple relationship; so much more than a Bible study. You laugh, live, and love together!  Through walking the way Jesus walked, your 12 becomes your family and closest friends.   

Multiply your 12:

Once your disciples get the vision, it's time for supernatural multiplication! Encouraging and guiding your 12 to save and love others is the fulfillment of God's amazing Great Commission! As your 12 gathers their twelve disciples, 144 disciples will be birthed, and so on. People who never thought they could be loved or achieve anything will join the beautiful movement to love, win, and save the world. It doesn't stop until every person has been given an opportunity to be saved!

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Do you have your 12?

If not, let us know! We're here to support you as you fulfill your destiny; your part of the Great Commission. We'll fully equip you with teachings, encouragement, seminars and more in order to see your 12 grow to the beautiful people God knows they can be!